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Information regarding PHOENIX can be found below:

PHOENIX is a web browser for the Atari XL/XE line of computers being produced to fill a need in the Atari community to have a means to connect to the World Wide Web. While the software is anticipated to be operable on the Atari 800, too, it is designed for the 600/800XL and 130XE computers. Listed below are the planned features of PHOENIX:

  • Version 1.0:
  • Text-based web browser
  • PPP protocol
  • TCP/IP interfacing
  • Switchable graphics modes between 80 column and scrollable 80 column (enhanced)
  • Clickable links
  • 64K minimum RAM (anticipated!)/128K minimum for enhanced features
  • Cartridge-based (enhanced)
  • Disk-based (standard)
  • Machine Required: Atari 800, XL/XE series
  • Emulator Required: n/a
  • Modem Required:  9600 bps (minimum)
  • Optional: APE/SIO2PC interface, printer, MIO/Black Box

Date of first beta release: 03/99 (approximate)

Date of Final Release: undetermined

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