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If you've heard the name Atari before now, you are probably about to be categorized into one of two groups right from the start.
   The first group are the people who, upon hearing the name Atari, think of Pong and the Atari 2600/5200/7600 video game systems. Essentially, this group of people know the Atari only as a video game console they used to have when they were kids. This most popular view of the Atari came from poor mismanagement at the Atari Corporation once it was taken over by the Tramiel family. It was the defining view that would eventually lead to the downfall of the Atari Corporation as we know it today.
   The second group of people are the ones who admit that Atari gained momentum from the video game arena in the beginning of its days, but know that there was something more that would make Atari stand apart from the Apple II's and Commodore Vic-20/64/128 and various other pre-IBM computer systems. The release of the Atari 400/800 systems would become the birth of an enormous faithful following that continues down to this day.
   This same group would be the first to tell you that
they were the driving force behind Atari's continued existence, for every other iota of evidence declared that the Atari Corporation was simply in it for the money, and eventually the corporation was bled dry and is now nothing more than the piecemeal of various companies such as Hasbro. All semblance to its former self is dissolved. Gone. Extinct.
   So why do these individuals who make up the second group continue to use their Atari 8bit systems? Why have they consolidated their efforts into an united front of support and much more on today's most powerful tool, the internet? Is there truly something unique about the Atari computer that warrants our attention?
   As a site that strongly supports the Atari 8bit line of computer systems, you'll find the answers to those questions here. And you'll find the answers at every location you investigate as you step through the Atari portal into the Atari PAST, the Atari PRESENT, and the Atari FUTURE.
   I invite you to Email me with suggestions and criticisms regarding Atari 2000, and openly confess that the editorial-style pages at this site are my own opinion. Translated: that doesn't make me right just because I have a site on the web.
   And on that note, I will withdraw for a moment and allow you to peruse at your leisure the wealth of information available here.

Despite it's abandonment by the Atari Corporation, the Atari 8bit computers remain as powerful for today's user as they have always been...

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